JJJs Annual Report 2016

The Jeriatric Jacks of all Jobs was formed years ago and named by Ed Barnes. There are currently four active members – Don Purrington, Bob Carper, Martin Frisvold and Bob Knutson.

The purpose of the JJJ’s has always been to do minor repairs on the building and regular maintenance of the grounds. We also set up tables and chairs for special events. As the building ages the repairs have had to be contracted out because of our limitations and the enormity of the repair.

We would absolutely love to have other parishioners join us for breakfast at Huckleberry Square on Thursday mornings at 8am and then join us to do minor repairs or maintenance around the church and grounds.

Please feel free to join us once or on a regular basis – your choice, no pressure. Men and women are both welcome and Christine usually knows of a minor chore that needs to be done. You can also make arrangements to do work on the weekends if that is the only time you are available. Please join us, we need help.

Submitted by Bob Carper

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