Sunday School Annual Report 2016

This has continued to be a fruitful year for our Sunday school.  Parishioners have become involved as faith formation volunteers and there is always something exciting going on for our youth.

It is slow, but we are growing!  When I think of the fact that we had no Sunday school at all just four years ago, I am very encouraged.

This year, our focus has been two-fold.  The first is to provide lessons that teach the children about our Episcopal Eucharist; (“What We Do In church”).  We have added our own alter and pews.  Barbara Zimmer, who is one of our faith formation leaders, and also serves on the alter guild, has provided the children with beautiful lessons about the setting of the altar.

Our young children have a religious life.  They come to worship already known and loved by God, and already knowing and loving God in return.  The worship of children is pleasing to God.

As adults, it is important for us to acknowledge children as spiritual people with whom we might enjoy a conversation, rather than empty vessels to fill with knowledge.  The more children understand what is happening in worship, the more engaged they will be in worshiping.  Again, our goal as formation leaders for St. Elizabeth’s children is to explore and engage them in the richness and power of Anglican worship as they learn to love God more and more.

The lessons which the formation leaders provide make kids comfortable, both with God and their leaders, which brings us to the second focus of our children’s religious formation.

As we move into the New Year, we will be exploring Biblical Virtues that make kids more thankful, more considerate, and more joyful.

All parents want to raise “good kids”.  They want their kids to be thankful, polite, joyful, and well behaved.  They want their kids to grow up into adults with good character and a strong moral compass.  In the long-run, it’s virtues that often determine a child’s future.  Kids who base their lives on virtuous behavior have been shown to have greater peace of mind, greater self-confidence and self–esteem and more joy.

Learning about Biblical virtues will help them build the character and integrity they need to achieve true success and build strong relationships.

Our program is lead, by a wonderful team of leaders and assistant leaders for the 2016-2017 Sunday school year.

Team Leaders:

Gwynne Taylor                     Sandy Stonhouse

Linda Knutson                     Barbara Zimmer

Assistant Team Leaders:

Jena Scott                 Gazalle Davis           Shawn Utley             Bob Knutson

Ann Szyperski          Kirk Utley                   Jennifer Dare

These same people are also taking turns spending time with the small angels who enjoy the nursery.  On every appropriate occasion, the nursery children are included in the older children’s program.

We are so very appreciative and grateful for each of these people who have answered God’s calling to help guide our children in their spiritual walk.

They are an answer to prayer!

Please lift our Sunday school in prayer that in the not too distant future, we will have a Sunday school overflowing with God’s children.

Submitted by Gwynne Taylor


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