Education Programs

Adult Formation

Tuesday classes on the Church Year start September 25

Besides the colors of the fabrics decorating the altar, lectern and priest, what else is there to know about the Church Year and its seasons?” Actually there is so much more! There are history, spiritual meanings, theological themes, life cycles and rhythms, to name a few.

The Church Year: Christian Identity & Culture, the next series of Tuesday Adult Education, will explore the “much more” of the Church Year and it’s seasons. The first two class meetings will be held on Tuesday, September 25 and Tuesday, October 2. The series takes up again on October 20 with classes covering individual Church Year Seasons

There will be a 3:00 pm and a 7:00 pm section of the class each Tuesday of the series.

Book of Job classes: The last of the three part course on the Book of Job is Sunday, September 23. Not only is Job considered one of the great classics of world literature, the story engages one of the most compelling and universal spiritual questions of the ages. “How can an omnipotent God allow innocent people to suffer while the wicked seem to live in security and comfort?”

Our Inquirer’s Gathering for September will be on the morning of September 30th. Bring questions about Job or any other questions about church life and the Episcopal way of being Christian in the world that are on your mind.

Sunday School

Sunday School is back in session. Classes meet on Sundays during worship service throughout the school year. Please try to arrive a little before 10 AM to get your young ones settled in school before the service begins.

All Sunday School teachers and assistants have been trained through the Safeguarding God’s Children program of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia. More >>

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