Our Core Values

Prayer of Purpose:
Heavenly Father, so transform us by your Holy Spirit that through spiritual growth in our lives, this parish may share with joy the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Righteous, through worship, teaching, evangelism, outreach and fellowship, to the glory of your Holy Name.

I. Integrity
How we operate our church is as important as what we accomplish. We will be honest and direct, accept responsibility for our actions and follow through on commitments and promises.

II. Congregation/Community Service
We will continuously provide the highest quality spiritual ministry/outreach services to members of our congregation and the community and be able to anticipate, understand and focus on their needs.

III. Teamwork
There is strength in numbers. By working together and helping one another, we will foster respect for each other’s opinions, differences and individual goals.

IV. Leadership
Leading by example, we will all provide leadership within the church and community. We will encourage each other to be a leader and support decision making.

V. Community Impact
As a significant spiritual ministry organization in our community we will give back to our community by donating and volunteering to support local charitable events.

As a provider of spiritual ministry, it is critical to share our Core Values within our congregation and to those we serve.

We are an open-hearted, openminded community where people find healing, friendship, acceptance, and opportunities to discover and give their gifts to the world.