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From Fr. John: “…I was sick and you visited me…”

There are any number of reasons that people don’t like to visit family or friends when they are sick and all the more so when they are dying. And yet, as we age, the more our family and friends will need visitors. I was surprised to discover early in the process of discerning for holy orders that I had a knack for being with death and dy-ing, and the time I spent as a hospital chaplain remain some of the moments I have felt closest to God.

That said, I also know that others are equally self-aware that visiting the sick makes them nervous, upset or hesitant. Some folks think that this is a job for the priest or possibly a deacon, which it is, but it is also the responsibility of the “body of Christ” to care for those who are suffering physically. Not everyone is ordained to baptize, preside at the Eucharist or at marriages nor is everyone expected to preach, but Jesus and the apostles did insist that all the followers of Christ care for one anoth-er, specifically those who are sick.

We may fear getting sick ourselves. We may fear facing the reality of sickness and the possibility of death. We often fear not knowing what to say or do. And there situations that many of us are not prepared to face. Still, none of these mean we can’t learn to serve the Christ in our brothers and sisters who are sick or dying. And yet, a Masters degree in Divinity or Theology is not required to overcome your concerns and prepare you to make visits to friends, family members or fellow parishioners in hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes or even their own homes if they are shut-ins.

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