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From Fr. John: “We invite people to BE church.”

Christians seem to be increasingly fretful about why so many people leave church or are unchurched, especially those who call themselves “spiritual-but-not-religious.” Concerns are not unwarranted: a recent Pew Forum study showed that more than a quarter of American adults have left the faith of their childhood. Locally, more than 63 percent of us claim no religious affiliation, and yet more than 80 percent say they believe in something beyond the physical realm.

I’m admittedly biased, but I see “Book-of-Common-Prayer” Episcopalians as being uncommonly positioned to offer a deepening path for those who are “spiritual but imagine themselves to be not religious.” I don’t think they truly know who we are and what we offer. Research and my own anecdotal evidence suggests strongly that people who self-describe as “spiritual-but-not-religious” are looking for authentic, deep experiences.

Those who are even marginally drawn to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ may claim that they don’t want to attend church. What we offer is a subtle alternative. We invite people to be church. What’s more, the catechism and practices of the BCP provides permeable boundaries for conversations that delineate Episcopal experiences of Christ without precluding other faces of God.

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