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Read the June Elizabethan for updates on: Building improvements and Landscaping! As well as a note from Father John  on music and its relationship to the Episcopal liturgy (excerpt below).

From Fr. John: Why we do what we do:

Visitors, guests and people new to the Episcopal Church are sometimes surprised to find at least two books in the pew-racks of every Episcopal Church, neither of which is a Bible. One is always the Book of Common Prayer, which is the basis of Episcopal worship and the other is the Hymnal 1982. And it does take a bit of practice to juggle and navigate two books and a bulletin. St. Elizabeth does also provide a handful of Bibles for those who have difficulty hearing the readings, but the other two books contain vast amounts of scripture and theology. In fact, in our liturgy Episcopalians are exposed to more scripture than many “Bible-based” denominations.

Music has become an especially crucial element of Episcopal worship. General Conventions authorized hymnals for the Episcopal Church in 1789, 1826, 1871, 1892, 1916, 1940 and 1982. The first four hymnals provided only authorized hymn texts and the tunes, while not authorized, were published privately. The first that authorized both text and music was the 1916 edition.

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