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We miss you!

We recognize that many of you are staying home on Sundays to be extra sure that you can avoid a COVID infection, but we miss you! Please know that:
• Everyone serving at the altar is vaccinated and boosted, and Fr. John has a high-level of confidence that the majority of people in the pews are the same.
• Despite the evidence that surface contact is not a source of viral spread, Fr. John washes his hands at the altar with hypochlorous acid, a disinfectant approved by the CDC.
• Fr. John covers the bread and wine before he blesses it so that his chanting is not likely to cause problems.
• The alcohol content of the port and the sil-ver of the chalice are excellent anti-viral pro-tections.
• Fr. John tests at least weekly to make sure that he is testing negative, so that he can chant and preach while unmasked.
• We continue to offer social distancing op-tions, hand sanitizer and masks to anyone who needs them.

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