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Staying “Church” in tough times

We are learning how to be flexible during the current phase of this controllable pandemic. For now, we are not gathering in person for church, but there are ways that we can and will stay “church” together!

We will stay connected to each other by creating small “cells” of people who agree to check in with each other and to alert Fr. John, Sue Chamberlain, Sue Kaas or Celeste if someone in your cell needs help.

Depending on the nature of what’s needed, we will refer the request to an appropriate resource that will include a team of volunteers willing to pick up prescriptions, groceries or other errands.

We are also experimenting with ways to worship even when we cannot be in each other’s physical presence. Fr. John will be sending out weekly home service guides for each Sun-day during this temporary shutdown and there are several on-line resources available. St. Mark’s cathedral and the National Cathedral are offering Sunday Masses until such time as we can gather with social distancing, when we can reassess what is both healthful and worshipful.

In the meantime, remember that this phase will pass and that we will come through it to a new day in time. We’ll continue to take care of each other and those in need. We’ll continue to pray for each other and for those who have been more dangerously affected by either the virus itself, the consequences that will come to some of our families and friends, or the anxiety that naturally arises in times of uncertainty.

We trust the Holy Spirit who reminds us never to fear because God, our Immanuel, is with us always. God bless!

From Fr. John: Notes from a pilgrimage

At the end of January and into early February, seven St. Elizabeth parishioners and I joined more than 40 others and Bishop Greg Rickel on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Israel, Palestine and Jordan. We gathered in Tel Aviv from seven different airports around the country and set out for the Sea of Galilee, where we spent the first of three nights at a Benedictine guesthouse called Pilgerhaus.

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