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Actions from Diocesan Convention: We passed several resolutions at the 2018 Annual convention. The newsletter contains some brief descriptions. See Fr. John if you have questions or would like more detailed information.

Adult Formation On Sunday mornings in January, we are “Walking through the Eucharist” at 9:00 a.m. in the nave as our Adult Formation.

The first class focused on the Gathering rituals of the Episcopal Church. The second class was held on the morning of the 13th, which explores the Liturgy of the Word. The third and final class on the 20th, will cover the Liturgy of the Table.

The more you know about these ancient rituals, the more meaningful the Mass can become. Class notes are available.

Our Inquirer’s Gathering will be on January 27th in the St. John Room, when you can ask the Rector questions that are on your mind about the Episcopalian way of being Christian in the world or about St. Elizabeth specifically.

In February, we will offer classes on “Beauty” on Sunday mornings. We will pray the Stations of the Cross through Lent in March and learn about “Gratefulness” in April.

In our Tuesday afternoon/evening Adult Formation classes, our Associate Priest, Fr. John Fergueson, will host “Asks and Answers” gatherings in the nave.

Bring questions about the gifts and meanings of Ascension Day or feast days in general, as well as ideas for future conversations, workshops or adult formation topics that have your curiosity.

Fr. John offers these gatherings at 3:00 pm and again at 7:00 pm class and, as always, all are invited!

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