Pledging Q & A

Is pledging just for ‘official’ members of St. Elizabeth’s?

Making a financial commitment to St. Elizabeth’s with a pledge is something anyone can do: people who are registered as members, newcomers to the parish, friends who are able to participate infrequently, and former members who have moved away but still want to support the parish. We invite you to make a pledge if you are connected to St. Elizabeth’s, grateful to God for what you have experienced in your spiritual life, and desirous of supporting the parish’s work in the community.

Why pledge instead of just giving what I can, when I can?

Pledging helps the Vestry (the group charged with oversight of the budget) plan for the upcoming year. Pledging allows us to set a realistic budget and includes care for salaries, the music program, utilities, building upkeep, child and adult formation, assisting the poor and homeless in our neighborhood as well as support for the diocese. Pledging knits people together in a common cause.

How much should I give to St. Elizabeth’s?

Our hope is for everyone to prayerfully consider the parish and to give accordingly. It may be helpful to think of giving in a proportional way based on income—1%, 5%, or 10% (what some people call tithing). In order to fund our budget, we do need people to consider being generous in their giving. We hope that a person’s pledge will be a real and generous part of his or her personal budget, reflecting how St. Elizabeth’s is a real and generous part of his or her spiritual life.

What if I can give only a little?

We know that St. Elizabeth’s members and friends represent great diversity in income. Such diversity is a gift to our parish. Thus, all are invited to pledge, whatever the amount. Please know that those who can afford small contributions are an important part of St. Elizabeth’s annual budget and our life together.

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